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We made it! We survived our 18-hour train ride with delays, a full compartment and all the other specialities ÖBB has to offer. Sunday evening we left at Westbahnhof in Vienna, with the help of Vicky, who carried a part of our luggage to the train station. Nicky also came, just to say goodbye and to give us two self-made beanies in a really great and fitting design.


Farewell at Westbahnhof (high picture quality)

The last days passed really quickly: Friday evening we celebrate with a lot of friends a huge party at Debakel (some celebrated more than others; that’s why there are no pictures here 🙂 ). It definitely was an unforgettable party, at this point THANK YOU all for coming, for your great and creative gifts and for bringing all the self-made food, partly prepared since six in the morning.

Thank you!

The whole Saturday we stay in bed, and on Sunday after a last Pizza with our families we are on our way to the train station. From Vienna we take the night train to Hamburg, then via Bremen and Oldenburg to Varel. After arriving at our destination, we stuff all of our luggage in a cab and drive to the marina.

 Zwei Leute mit soviel Gepäck hat die Nord-Westbahn sicher noch nie erlebt...

Two passengers with this amount of luggage, a thing that has probably never happened in the Nord-West-Bahn before…

SAILOR MOON is still afloat and seems to be in a really good condition. Also the inside is dry, just in some parts of the hull we find a small amount of water and oil – not bad for 6 months.
Varel welcomes us – not a given thing in this region – with sunshine and really warm temperatures, and so we relax the first days, bike though the village, chill in the cockpit and take walks along the shore. Otherwise nothing seems to have changed in Varel, just the free internet access in the marina was canceled.

Die Jaqueline, von mir zum Nichtstun überredet

Jaqueline, convinced by me to do nothing and relax

Barfuß im Watt

Barefoot at the shore

Later I manage (in just three hours) to fix an appointment for Friday to haul SAILOR MOON out of the water, and so we use the time until then to do our work for the sailing community (finally the river bank is stable again) and prepare a few other things.

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