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25th of Dezember 2012, Jaqueline and me fly again to Varel to spend a week relaxing a little and checking on the boat. I couldn’t reach anyone at the shipyard by phone during the past weeks to hear something about BRÖSEL, so we are a little nervous while entering the shipyard. It is completely deserted, but we find the boat securely tied to a trailer in a corner of the yard. Everything worked perfectly! The mast was lowered and fixed on top of the boat in an expert manner, the guys here obviously know what they are doing. No need to worry, we are happy to have ended up here.

The temperatures only allow us to work a few hours per day, but we still make great progress. First we inspect the bottom, which actually seems to be in a pretty good condition.


Not so bad…

Our next step is to empty the hatches inside, where we discover some interesting stuff and start to remove the wooden covers of the aft cabin. Of course we celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Vareler Brauhaus, where we significantly lower the average age…at least we are not underdressed, and it turns out to be a really entertaining party.


New Year’s Eve at the Vareler Brauhaus

On the last day, we cover our boat with a (actually three) plastic canvas; a job which lasts half a day and is much more complicated than we thought. Soon, we are back at the airport on our way to Vienna, again leaving our boat behind for a few months but taking a huge todo-list with us.

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