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Early on Friday we are already biking from the marina to the shipyard. The boss is nowhere to be seen, but there is room next to the crane, so we go back, start our engine and move our boat over there. At first not much happens, but soon a small queue of people waiting to put their boats back into the water forms. The boss arrives and is not at all impressed, puts two boats into the water and then starts his lunch break. Afterwards we help a little on other boats, and soon it is our turn.

der Mast liegt sicher auf selbst gebastelten Stützen

our mast, safely attached to our self-made backings

In a few minutes our mast is put down and SAILOR MOON is hanging below the crane. Our expensive antifouling seems to work well, and so we just need to clean our hull a little, which still turns our to be a dirty job.

beim Kranen

on the crane



Afterwards we fix the boat on a trailer and move it back into the shipyard. Since there is some sort of event again this year in some of the buildings, we stay outside in the middle of the yard, where we spend a cold but comfortable first night on the land.


  1. unterwasserschiff schaut gut aus…

    dj dope und black hanger sind sicher ein klassiker

  2. Kein Rost zusehen. Hoffentlich auch nicht auf der Kielunterseite!?

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